22 Jun

Do you have black spot under the toenail?

A black spot under the toenail is usually caused by one of four common problems: Learn what to do below!

Black spot under the toenail causes:

There are four common causes that I have seen of a black spot under the big toenail, here they are listened in order from most common to least common:


1) Jogger’s toe.

Jogger’s toe is essentially just “overuse toe”. The trick with this one is it sneaks up on people without any pain! Be aware that you can still have bleeding underneath your toenail and it doesn’t have to be extremely For example I just saw a woman had a scary black toenail without any cause. But the more I talked to her I realized she bought new shoes and started Zumba classes. She was exercising more, had small shoes and was not suffering from any pain!


dsc00500i Black Spot Under The ToenailBlack spot under the toenail



  • Sometimes no pain.
  • Small shoes.
  • New shoes.
  • New exercise regimine.
  • Heavy running or work.
  • Traumatic injury.
  • Dropping something on your foot.
  • It will grow out over time.
  • It will not get bigger over time.


2) Subungual melamona (black streak or mole).

This is as a result of a mole! These can appear underneath your toenail or around the toenail. The first step is to keep an eye on these and see if they are getting bigger. These can be dangerous, so if they are getting bigger or growing into the skin- go see a podiatrist or foot doctor immediately!


 Black Spot Under The Toenail



  • No Pain.
  • It is getting bigger.
  • It has been there a long time.
  • No cause for its appearance.
  • It may be growing into the tissue.
  • See our “Is it dangerous guide?


3) Pseudomonas bacterial infection.


M onc2 1 Black Spot Under The ToenailGreenish-black spot under the toenail


This is different than toenail fungus– this is an bacterial infection. This means it comes quick and strong, then gets cured for good once you see a podiatrist. This goes against toenail fungus which is very slow and resistant.

Pseudomonas is a bacteria that loves oxygenated moist environments like wet mud and pond water. If you have been around any of these recently and you start getting greenish-black toenails, it may be this!

You should go see your podiatrist or foot doctor for some antibiotics!  It can also be confirmed by it’s sweet smelling grape-like odor.



  • No Pain
  • Greenish-black.
  • Appears quickly.
  • Sweet, grape-like odor.


4) Black toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus usually doesn’t present as a black spot under the toenail, but I had heard people describe it this way! So if this is you, here you go. Toenail fungus can present as many different types. It can grow from the front, the base, the sides or invade the entire nail. Visit our complete guide to learn more:

toenail 1 Black Spot Under The Toenail

The complete toenail fungus guide.


  • Thick Toenails.
  • Yellowish-green.
  • Crumbling toenails.
  • Discolored.
  • Appear slowly and last forever.
  • No Pain.
  • Usually associated with older age, smoking and diabetes.


I hope that information on this  page may help you solve problem with your black spot under the toenail! For more information see this link.


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