15 May

What are you major concerns with your feet? For most people, toenail fungus is the major concern.

Out of many things that may happen to your feet the overwhelming #1 concern is the development of toenail fungus. People hate how ugly their nails look. Well, have no fear we have a complete guide for how to deal with your toenail fungus, but be warned this is an absolutely massive guide that you will need to set aside some time for!

The 2nd most common problem is an ingrown toenail. There are essential two solutions for dealing with you ingrown toenail. You can splint something under the nail at home while you continue to soften up your toenails. If softening them and then cutting the ingrown toenail does not work, then you should probably go and have a nail avulsion performed by a podiatrist or foot doctor.

Other probnlems are less common. However, a cause for concern with toenails are weird markings appearing on them. Specifically white spots and black spots on your toenails. The white spots are usually not toenail fungus, especially after you have just removed toenail polish; they are in fact keratin granulations. Black spots on the toenail may be dangerous if they are a subungual melanoma, but they are usually pretty safe because it is just dried blood under there.


Toenails  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Follow this link for our complete guide to find more information and home remedies to the most common problems!


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