18 Apr

Do you have callus foot pain?

Itchy foot calluses are formations of thick skin on the foot. Many joggers, runners, or diabetics may experience even form a callus blister, this is when a blister forms underneath the callus and a blood pocket or an ulcer can form leading to more serious problems. Callus symptoms can be more painful when blister forms underneath it than expected for callus alone.
Painful Callus underneath the 2nd Metatarsal Phalangeal Joint
foot corn (aka heloma) vs callus

Calluses are a painful thickening of the skin underneath the pressure areas of the foot. Skin callus can be large and spread out, whereas a corn is more pinpoint, small and hard.

callus vs. wart

Skin lines go through a callus, whereas if you have a wart, the skin lines go around the wart. The plantar wart also displays little red “dots” that are blood vessel growth into the wart. The callus should not have any red “dots”.

What may cause formation of calluses?

Walking barefoot or without socks, poorly stitched or tight shoes.

Wearing loose shoes or sandals .

High heels that can cause pressure or friction. Accessories can prevent this.

High arched feet form calluses under the fifth toe and under the heel.

Flat foot is the primary cause of increased pressure in areas of the foot, especially everywhere in the forefoot and inside of the foot and heel.

What is the home treatment of skin calluses and when you should ask for help podiatrist you may find in this link!

Callus free feet are important for all active people like runners. So, take a good care of your feet.


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