17 Apr

Runners, do you have painful and sore blisters on foot or toes?

For all active runners, painful blisters on the foot or toe are a common problem caused by friction from new shoes or clothing, which rubs repeatedly on the same area of skin. In normal situation, small blisters usually do resolve and heal by themselves if you stop putting stress on them. However, if a blister is larger, and has some obvious fluid buildup, then it might just be best to drain it so that more pressure doesn’t spread the blister. In extreme situation, large area blister may require for proper healing professional treatment to prevent any infections.


Painful blisters (Photo credit: K·FREE)

The following link contains a complete guide for treatment of painful, itchy foot blisters, on blister prevention and foot accessory advice.

For all runners, blister free happy feet are very important to fully enjoy and relax while being active.


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