15 Apr

Do you have painful foot corn or callus?

Each person over time may get painful foot corns. These are painful formations of thick skin on the foot and toes that look like a hard pebble. Some people may even form a corn within a callus, this is a hard pebble surrounded by a softer callus over top of it. There are many explanations for why corns with calluses occur, but for all types of foot corn the treatments are all the same!

As you walk, jog, or run, pain occurs from the corns and calluses because as you walk on them, they tear away from the skin underneath them and it is possible to form a callus blister and even an ulceration underneath them. The treatment’s goal is to reduce both corns and calluses as well as keep them soft and eventually remove the deformity or biomechanical problem that is causing them. Surgery is rarely needed, but surgical removal of foot corn is usually extremely effective and prevents the corns from ever coming back.

English: Painful corns at both feet of a 51-ye...

Painful corns at both feet of a 51-year-old woman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Foot Corn (aka Heloma) vs Callus

Corns are a form within the skin underneath the pressure areas of the foot, especially the toes. Skin callus formation can be large and spread out, whereas a corn is more pinpoint, small and hard.

Corns usually occur under the first toe, the fifth toe and on top of the toes if you have hammertoes, whereas a callus is usually underneath the forefoot.

Both can occur together – it is necessary to take the callus down then pop out the corn

Corn vs. Wart

Skin lines go through a callus, whereas if you have a wart, the skin lines go around the wart. The plantar wart also displays little red “dots” that are blood vessel growth into the wart. The callus should not have any red “dots”.

A corn will be lodged beneath the outer layers of the callus.

Here is link to find more information about foot corn and callus — see it.

All runners may enjoy outdoor more on healthy feet. Keep your feet free of corns and callus.


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