13 Apr

Do you see black spot under the toenail or fingernail?

One day ou tof the blue you find on your nail a spot. A black spot under the toenail can have a few major causes. The most common cause is due to bleeding, that can come from dropping something onto your toe, getting stomped on, or even closing the door on your finger. In athletes, it can also be caused by repetitive rubbing against the inside of a shoe, for example in the case of long distance runners, it is frequently referred to as ‘Jogger’s Toe’. If you have definitely not had any friction against the tips of your toenails, but you have instead been exposed to moisture – then it is likely a Pseudomonas infection. If you have not experienced any of these situations then you may be at risk for melanoma. Read the guide in this link for more information.

How to Fix a Subungal Hematoma - Part 1 of 4

(Photo credit: jmawork)



Runner’s toe – Runner’s toe occurs if the toenail is rubbing against the front of the shoe; even if it is not really painful, over time blood could accumulate in the form of leakage or blistering under the nail. This page is dedicated to treating runner’s toe.


Pseudomonas bacterial infection – If your nails have green or black little spots on them. This can occur if you are around moisture. –> Smell your toes to see if they give off a sweet grape-like odor- seriously! <– The bacteria infection require professional treatment for this you should see your podiatrist for medication.


Toenail fungus – If your nails gradually become thick, discolored and crumbly under the border then read our comprehensive guide to toenail fungus.


Melanoma – If you have an unusual streak of black pigment that is pain free and just appeared without any incident – it is essential that you read our guide to black streaks in your nail.


So runners, check your toenails for any unusual spots – be healthy.


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