12 Apr

Do you have problem with toenail coming off the nail bed?

Often the most common causes of the big toenail coming off is due to a traumatic injury, persistent light rubbing of the toenail within your shoe that you ignored or never even noticed, a very severe fungal infection or in some cases the reasons may be unknown why it fell off. Almost always, the nail will grow back and you shouldn’t get too worried as it is usually something that can be treated or corrected. The nail usually appears discolored because it is filling up with blood underneath the nail as it is separating from the skin underneath it. Once the separation has began it is a normal process and at this point there are a few things that you can do to limit more pain or injury.

English: Big toe after the nail removed Deutsc...

Big toe after the nail removed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jogger’s Toe – If you spend a lot of time on your feet and you think it may have been possible that your toenail has been pressuring up against the front of your shoe then this is highly possible. This results in blistering under the toenail leading to the detachment of the nail- with or without pain!

Fungal infection causing separation The nails would have been thick, hard and discolored yellow or orange for a period of time before the nail separated. This is a very common and treatable cause of nail separation.

Trauma is the number one cause of nail loss

First confirm that you have actually experienced trauma, this is usually pretty evident because you stubbed your toe really hard or dropped something really heavy onto your toe. You will experience the following symptoms:

– Pain

– Bleeding under the nail bed leading to red streaks or discoloration under the nail.

– Eventual loosening of the nail from the nail bed as the blood fills under the nail and you are able to evaluate the damage.

See this link to follow the treatment guide for coming off toenail.

So runners, take a good care of your feet and toes – healthy feet will let you run with greater pleasure.


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