9 Apr

Fingernails and toenails with black streaks

Check your toenails and fingernails for signs of dark streaks. Streaks in the fingernails or the toenails can be very dangerous! It important that you take it seriously. It is entirely possible that a thick long dark streak could be melanoma – a type of skin cancer. The odds of the streak in your fingernail are actually pretty low because a lot of people, especially African Americans normally have light thin streaks of dark pigment that forms a vertical line down their nail which is completely normal. It is very easy to predict whether the streak is of the dangerous variety or if you are more on the safe side. If in doubt, it is essential that you see your podiatrist as soon as possible for a quick and easy biopsy.


Toenails (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See this link for more information about fingernails and toenails with black streaks.

So all runners, be careful and check your toenails and fingernails for black streaks. It is important!


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