8 Apr
English: Clear picture showing the ingrown nai...

English: Clear picture showing the ingrown nail and the wounded infected nail bed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pain of ingrown toenails

Sometimes you may experience an Ingrown Toenail with Pus which may be an extremely dangerous situation if not handled correctly.  If the ingrown nail isn’t that bad and you feel fine- there are really effective ways to decrease the curvature and the pain pretty quickly at home. These focus on decreasing the pain, softening the nail and the skin, separating the ingrowth from the skin and then doing something about it. If you are experiencing any nausea, fever, chills and you probably need to see a podiatrist immediately (especially if you are a diabetic or have poor blood flow).


The following link is the complete guide on how to handle your ingrown toenail pain.


Ingrown toenails are not common but may happen to any runner. A little toenail care should prevent it in first place, but overlooked may require treatment and professional care of podiatrist.

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