4 Apr

Do you have painful foot arch?

English: Medical X-rays

English: Medical X-rays (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you have pain across the inside of your foot and heel? Is it worse in the morning and after long periods of rest?
A painful foot arch is almost always due to putting too much strain across your feet over the last few days, weeks or even months. Your foot eventually develops little tears that form microscopic scar tissue; this is always a sign that the tissue across the bottom of your foot is being overworked. This morning pain is also known as plantar fasciitis and it is the most common cause of a painful foot arch and heel, especially in the morning before you get moving. But have no fear; there is a well formulated treatment plan that you can start applying immediately!

There is a 4 stage treatment protocol to ease the pain! <— see this link

I hope that described in my link treatment may help you to get running again with no pain.


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